Topper Mower TRM

  1. General Details

    Topper Mower TRM

    The Topper Mower TRM is a versatile mower designed for heavy-duty cutting, making it an excellent substitute for a flail mower. Equipped with two flat flail knives that rotate around the axis of the mounting bolt, this mower ensures efficient and precise cutting. Adjustable skids allow for easy setting of the cutting height, while the chains and hinge cover provide safety by preventing debris from being thrown.

    Key Features:

    • Heavy-Duty Cutting: Designed for tough cutting tasks, providing an efficient alternative to flail mowers.
    • Dual Flat Flail Knives: Equipped with two cutting knives that rotate around the mounting bolt axis for precise cutting.
    • Adjustable Cutting Height: Skids allow for easy adjustment of the cutting height to suit different needs.
    • Safety Features: Chains and hinge cover ensure safety by preventing objects from being ejected during operation.


    • Agricultural Use: Ideal for cutting and maintaining fields, pastures, and other agricultural areas.
    • Landscaping: Suitable for heavy-duty landscaping tasks, including mowing large lawns and clearing overgrown areas.
    • General Maintenance: Perfect for maintaining various types of terrain, ensuring a neat and tidy appearance.


    • Versatility: Can handle a variety of heavy-duty cutting tasks, making it a valuable tool for different applications.
    • Precision Cutting: The dual flail knives ensure a clean and precise cut, improving the overall quality of the work.
    • Adjustable Height: Easily set the cutting height to meet specific requirements, enhancing flexibility and efficiency.
    • Enhanced Safety: Safety features protect the operator and bystanders from flying debris, ensuring a safer working environment.

    Choose the Topper Mower TRM for reliable, efficient, and safe heavy-duty cutting, enhancing your productivity and maintaining your property with ease.

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