Snowplow for front loader

  1. General Details

    Welcome to Katana Machinery, where we present our snowplow for front loaders, designed to fit all our front loaders.

    Description: Our snowplow is a universal product compatible with all our front loaders. Equipped with a hydraulic cylinder, it allows tilting the snow blade from 0 to 30 degrees left and right. The plow is secured with collision safety springs that protect the equipment from damage when hitting curbs and other obstacles.

    Key Features:

    • Universality: Fits all our front loaders.
    • Hydraulic cylinder for tilting the blade from 0 to 30 degrees.
    • Collision safety springs protect equipment from damage.

    Applications: The snowplow is an ideal solution for removing snow from various surfaces, ensuring efficient and safe operation even in challenging winter conditions.


    • Equipment protection: Collision safety springs provide protection against mechanical damage.
    • Adjustable functionality: Hydraulic tilting of the blade allows adaptation to different terrain conditions.
    • Universal application: Fits all our front loaders, ensuring versatility in use.

    Discover the snowplow for front loaders from Katana Machinery and experience how it can enhance your snow removal efficiency with reliability and ease of use.

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