Grab Bucket GB

  1. General Details

    Welcome to Katana Machinery, where innovation meets practicality. Introducing our Grab Bucket GB, a top-selling product specially designed for compact tractors. This versatile bucket is equipped with 5 closing teeth that securely grip materials during handling. The side plates are uniquely shaped to allow easy opening and locking using wing screws, all done without the need for tools—simply by hand. This feature enables operators to maneuver and transport items longer than the bucket’s width, such as branches and wood logs, which would be challenging with a standard bucket.

    Description: The Grab Bucket GB is engineered to enhance the capabilities of compact tractors, offering unmatched versatility and ease of use. Its innovative design ensures efficient handling of various materials, making it an essential tool for a wide range of applications.

    Key Features:

    • Equipped with 5 closing teeth for secure material handling.
    • Side plates designed for tool-free opening and locking with wing screws.
    • Enables handling of items longer than the bucket’s width, such as branches and logs.
    • Enhances the tractor’s functionality by expanding its application range.

    Applications: The Grab Bucket GB is ideal for landscaping, agriculture, and forestry tasks where precise material handling is crucial. It excels in environments requiring efficient maneuverability and versatility.


    • Versatility: Handles a variety of materials securely and efficiently.
    • Ease of Use: Tool-free operation simplifies tasks and enhances productivity.
    • Enhanced Functionality: Expands the tractor’s capabilities for diverse applications.

    Explore the Grab Bucket GB from Katana Machinery and discover how it can elevate your tractor’s performance with its innovative features and practical design.

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