Orchard airblast sprayer


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Sprayer mounted on 3-point hitch in the back of a compact tractor is the most efficient and convenient way of all kinds when applying pesticides in orchards. Thanks to its small size a compact tractor will manage to fit in the ails between trees where a regular tractor would not be applicable. Our orchard sprayer is equipped with own hydraulic pump and rear fan both driven by a PTO shaft for most efficient work and use of tractor’s engine and power.

This sprayer generates a fine mist that is evenly distributed and carried up and for long distances by air from rear fan. This is why these so called airblast sprayers are gaining popularity not only for orchard spraying but also spreading liquid fertilizers and pesticides on land crops.

Main advantages:
– spraying trees is much faster than when done manually
– saves a lot of manpower and is more reliable
– cost efficiency compared to alternatives
– very convenient and demanding very little involvement of an operator


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