Backhoe for compact tractor

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Backhoe for compact tractor is a great alternative for compact diggers. For a fraction of regular small backhoe’s price this hydraulically driven attached digger provides you full usability including:
– 180° arm’s operating angle
– 210 cm digging depth
– 150 cm loading height
– intuitive and user friendly operating joysticks
– own built-in operator’s seat
– stabilizing legs
– own hydraulic pump driven by PTO shaft

We highly recommend this attachment to firms in building and development, fencing, orchards and many other businesses.

This backhoe is equipped with its own hydraulic pump connected to PTO shaft. This construction has many advantages over cheaper versions of backhoes attached to hydraulic system of a tractor:
– own pump providing higher power is better fitted to heavy duty needs of a backhoe
– driving digger with PTO shaft decreases a risk of tractor’s hydraulic system overload and increases its lifetime
– backhoe is in general stronger and more responsive with this construction.

We recommend at least 20 HP compact tractor for this attachment.


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