Front end loader for compact tractor

  1. General Details

    Front loader for compact tractor is a piece of equipment with almost unlimited functionalities:
    – loading, moving and unloading loose products like sand, soil, rubble, grains and many more
    – lifting and holding up heavy objects
    – leveling ground
    – cleaning and removing snow – good substitute for snowblade
    – with pallet forks – good substitute for forklift

    KATANA Machinery front loader is our proprietary construction. Depending on client’s order it may have:
    – fixed basic bucket
    – detachable bucket with quick hitch
    – hydraulically opened bucket
    – optional pallet forks
    – optional bale spear

    Most part of this attachment has universal construction across compact tractor brands and models. Tractor specific mounting/installation modules have to be customised.

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