Flail mower FLM 0.85-1.35m

Light duty flail mowers: FLM 85, FLM 95, FLM 105, FLM 115, FLM 125, FLM 135

  1. General Details

    We recommend flail mowers to all owners of compact tractors. Main advantages of this cutter are fine cut and broad usability. Flail mower provides quality of cut close to finishing mower but ability to handle different, diversified surfaces. FLM model is doing well with small bushes and brushes.

    Another great advantage often mentioned by our clients on top of functionality is safety. Flail mower’s construction makes it much safer than rotary cutter because of minimal risk of any objects like stones, nails etc. being ejected at high speed during work.

    FLM flail mower is a light duty cutter. If a heavy duty mower is needed we recommend FLM-HD model that handles strong and heavy hammer blades and Y-knives if needed.

    Main advantages:
    – Good quality cut
    – Safer than rotary/topper mower – much lower risk of ejecting stones, nails etc.
    – More universal than both rotary and finishing mowers

    Not the best choice if:
    – Looking for the simplest construction ever (flail mower has gearbox and belt-driven cuttershaft)


    FLM light duty flail mower for compact tractors – models
    Model:FLM 85FLM 95FLM 105FLM 115FLM 125FLM 135
    Tractor power:15-25 HP15-25 HP15-25 HP15-25 HP18-25 HP18-25 HP
    Length:66 cm66 cm66 cm66 cm66 cm66 cm
    Width:95 cm105 cm115 cm125 cm135 cm145 cm
    Height:76 cm76 cm76 cm76 cm76 cm76 cm
    Weight:100 kg115 kg130 kg145 kg160 kg175 kg
    Cutting width:85 cm95 cm105 cm115 cm125 cm135 cm
    Gearbox:25 HP25 HP25 HP25 HP25 HP25 HP
    PTO:540 RPM540 RPM540 RPM540 RPM540 RPM540 RPM

    KATANA Machinery flail mowers are designed and manufactured to provide highest quality and endurance. We make sure sheets used in case production are of optimal thickness (much thicker than for many other brands), blades made of proper material and that gear box and belt will last for long even under heavy usage.

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