Finishing mower FGM 1.0-1.8m

  1. General Details

    Finishing mower for compact tractors is a great substitute for ride on mowers. This piece of equipment is ideal for cutting grass on lawns with medium to big acreages. It is perfect for maintenance mowing of sports pitches, parks, meadows etc. This machine is equipped with 4 wheels, when pulled by the tractor it cuts at the same level at all times. Wheels are also used for regulating height of the cut which is very convenient and precise in this type of mower.

    Main advantages:
    – Very fine cut – precise and constant level of cutting
    – Best for grass lawns on yards, sports pitches, parks etc.
    – 3 belt-driven double blades
    – High ratio of cutting width to tractor horse power (needs less HP than rotary or flail mower of same width)
    – Higher RPM than in rotary cutters – allows mowing with higher speed

    Not the best choice if:
    – Needed to cut thick weeds and brush
    – Land you’ll be mowing is full of heavy stones, thick wires, concrete etc.

    FGM finishing mower for compact tractors – models
    Model: FGM 100 FGM 120 FGM 150 FGM 180
    Tractor power: 15-25 HP 15-28 HP 20-35 HP 30-45 HP
    Length: 112 cm 130 cm 138 cm 170 cm
    Width: 105 cm 128 cm 158 cm 185 cm
    Height 71 cm 75 cm 82 cm 88 cm
    Cutting Width: 99 cm 119 cm 149 cm 179 cm
    Cutting Heights: 3-8 cm 3-8 cm 3-8 cm 3-8 cm
    No. of blades 1 3 3 3
    Gearbox: 30 HP 30 HP 30 HP 30 HP
    PTO: 540 RPM 540 RPM 540 RPM 540 RPM
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